'Mergence 2009

"Thank Heavens". 22"x15" watercolor. ©2009 David Peterson. Winner WASH Painting of the Month, April 2009.
This painting and another watercolor, "Trio", Shown at 'Mergence 2009, May 29 and 30, 2009.

"Trio", 15"x22". Mixed media on paper. For sale by the artist.

For information about the performance, Northern California Dance Conservatory: www.NCDC.com
Artists include:
Diane Bell
David Peterson
Darlene Engellener
Linda Green
Leonardo Clandestino
Tom Lumbrazo
Deidre Trudeau
Karen Duke
Amy Garcia
David Lobenberg
Blue Reid
Chuck Edwards
Anne Bradley
Sue Anne Foster
Natalie Stewart
Judi Stickney
Lori Wylie
Photographer: Scott Belding
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