David Peterson
Sacramento Artist

PayPal and Credit Cards Accepted

Original artwork on this site is for sale. Some of the watercolors are sold. Some have price information.

Email the Artist aquacolorist(at)yahoo.com .

I will ship framed paintings anywhere for a fee.Write me for costs..

If you are local, I will arrange for you to see the original before you purchase, either in your home, or a meeting place of your choice.

You may see original art and purchase from the Blue Moon Gallery and Patris Studio and Gallery

I frame the art in my trademark metal frames and new Cresent mats using glass and acid free materials.
I prefer to sell my paintings in my choice of frames but other options can be discussed.
Call or write for information.

Go ahead, download these scans of my original watercolors for free as long as you use them for personal use, such as desktop decoration, printing out for hanging on your bathroom wall, clip art for your personal stuff. If you want to use them for a business or on something you sell, or in a advertisement, contact me first and get permission and pay a fee.

Studio information:

David Peterson
53 Millbrook Cir.
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone (916)-716-5951

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