30th Annual Membership Show
AWASH With Color
April 1 - 19, 2008
Awards Reception and
30th Anniversary Party
April 12, 2008
5 PM - 9PM

Sacramento Fine Arts Center
5330B Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, California
Tuesday - Saturday
11 AM - 3 PM
Open until 7 PM Tuesday

I am so proud, not about my award for my entery, but 'bout the members of WASH, who painted and entered their beautiful paintings in the 30th Annual Membership Show that opens today. WASH, Sacramento's watercolor club, has produced a show of watercolor as exciting and gorgeous as any show I have seen, even including the recent AWS Traveling Show that was in the same gallery earlier this year. This show contains professional, amateur and every level of artist in between. It contains highly technical work, super realism, and traditional watercolor, and loose free painting, mostly all transparent waterrcolor.It is amazing! 127 works were entered by 57 artists and of course we kept them all. The gallery is stuffed. The subjects are florals to abstract, figurative to landscape, all done in an imaginative and creative way. It is a bright colorful show that stuns you when you walk into the gallery. It was excellently judged for awards by Doris Henderson who has a my respect as an artist. I am so excited, and to think this great show happens on my watch.as president of WASH. Thanks to the show chair Sondra and to all the volunteers who work during these four days to get this show up!

And now it gets better! We have this great show as a backdrop for our 30th Anniversary Party this next Second Saturday. And our co-founders Jan Miskulin and Nancy Haley have honored us with a display of their work, works from the postcard, in the gallery!

David Peterson
President, WASH

Watercolor No. 1092, "January Sun", 22"x15".January 28, 2008. The sun came out this day and I went down to the American River and stood there on the road and painted with my hat off and soaked it up. This interpretation of a winter day on the river is the Merit Award winner at AWASH With Color '08. This and 127 paintings by 57 regional watercolor artist are on display through April 19, 2008.

©2008 David Peterson